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Items here are available for custom and special orders. Please make sure to read item description to see if its an item that is RTS (ready to ship once design is made) or if its something I have to order in order to complete (this may add 3-5 days to processing time based on product availability). Please message me with any questions concerning these items and processing time and availability.


I do have many designers that I use for my designs and also create my own as well. I have listed some designers that I use on a regular basis and their websites at the bottom of this message. If you decide that you would like a certain design, please include the designer name and item name or url in the description of the item you are purchasing from me (DO NOT purchase the design, I already have many of these purchased and may not be loaded on my site yet). You can also search Etsy under "tumbler wraps" and send me a link for the design - please note that some designs may not be quality designs so I review these designs in order to ensure you get the best quality.


Licensed and Trade Mark Designs:

You will not find any licensed or trade marked designs on THIS site. However, I will help you find something that will meet your needs if you message me I'll be happy to assist you anyway I can.


Contact Me:

You can contact me through chat or the contact me page.

Email me at

If you are local to Tucson, AZ area - I set up on a regular basis Saturdays at the Foothills Community Market - Foothills Mall East Parking Lot. Summer hours May-Sep are 8-12 Winter hours October-April are 9-4.



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